About Kondooit

The idea behind Kondooit is a simple one. Kondooit operates a handful of businesses that specialize in facilitating the connection between people, art, and technology. A conduit, as it were, bringing people together while minimizing the technological and/or economical hurdles of the past. LocalsOnline, our music retail outlet, bypasses the major label record companies and helps bring recording artists into direct contact with their audience. We are the conduit between the artist and their customers, empowering them with the online tools they need to sell their recordings and expand their audience. Network 13, our Web Site design partner, brings over 10 years of design and programming experience to our clients, enabling them to see exactly how to best utilize their online presence and get the most out of their budget. The conduit between your company's old-stale internet presence and a new, advanced, and professional looking web site, your competitive edge on the internet. Kondooit Wireless, fixed wireless solutions. The conduit theme is about cutting out the fat; the "middleman", if you will. The internet changes the way businesses can and should operate. No longer do goods and services need to traverse the entrenched "good 'ol boy" networks that soak up so much of the profit. We are doing it with LocalsOnline, and we are doing it with Wireless technologies as well. No longer do you need to pay high prices for internet based on phone company "local loops" and government tariffs. Wireless Broadband, working in the unlicensed microwave bands, is a far more cost effective alternative to the copper an fiber based system offered by conventional providers.