Turnkey Web Site Solutions

Kondooit offers a variety of hosting packages based on our proprietary content management system, DataSprockets. At this time, a complete DataSprockets web site can be hosted for $40 per month with no activation or setup fee. The account includes all the benefits of our dynamic, database-driven content management system, along with 5 POP/IMAP e-mail accounts and Web Mail (additional e-mail accounts available as needed). Add your own domain name at no additional charge. DataSprockets - This site is running on it. To access your domain name control panel for renewals or other modifications, click the Domain Name Registration link above and follow the account access link. To access your web site's administration pages, add /admin/ to the end of your URL. For example, http://www.domain.com/admin/ To access your e-mail via webmail, Click Here.